RAR Password Unlocker Free Download with Crack

Hello Everyone!!
Today I am Posting RAR Password Unlocker Free Download with Crack.
Sometimes we download some Game/Software and the RAR File contains Password or sometimes we forget the Password of our RAR Archive which is very Important.
In that Case RAR Password Unlocker comes to the rescue!

RAR Password Unlocker is a software which is used to recover password from the files having extension (*.rar).

Using RAR Password Unlocker Demo Version you can only unlock the file which has password of 3 or less than 3 characters.

But today we are providing the Crack of RAR Password Unlocker using which you can Unlock the files having password greater than 3 characters!

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How To Use RAR Password Unlocker's Crack

To get RAR Password Unlocker Full Version, just Follow the Steps given Below.

Step 1 - Download RAR Password Unlocker with Crack from below.
Step 2 - Extract the File using Winrar or any other file extracting software. (Don't have Winrar, download it from here).
Step 3 - Install RAR Password Unlocker

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4

Once Installed, copy the files from Crack folder and paste it in "C:\Program Files\RAR Password Unlocker\" or wherever you have Installed it.

Screenshot 5
Screenshot 6

All Done!!
Now you have RAR Password Unlocker Full Version.

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How To Use RAR Password Unlocker

RAR Password Unlocker contains three Modes to Recover Password.

I will discuss all three Steps one by one.

Method 1 -  Brute-Force Attack

In Brute-Force Attack, software tries all possible combinations.
The password may contain a-z, A-Z, 0-9, All Symbols so software tries all possible combinations in order to get the password.

Screenshot 7

This method takes a lot of Time.

But if you know how many characters your password contains than Method 2 will be Helpful for you.

Method 2 - Brute-Force with Mask Attack

In this method you can give some details related to your password to the software like if your password contains 5 characters then you can specify that your password has 5 characters so the software will take less time to recover your password.
If your password only contains letters then you can specify that to the software and it will take less time to recover password.

Screenshot 8

Screenshot 9

That's how you can Recover Password you Method 2.

But if you think that password assigned to the file has some meaning like "dog" or "cat" or Something like that, then you can use the Method 3.

Method 3 - Dictionary Attack

This method can be used when the password is a meaningful word like "Dog" or "cat" or something like that.

In this method the software compares all the meaningful Words that are stored in its Database with the password string and if some word matches then software will show that word and it will be your Password.

Screenshot 10

This method takes a lot of time to Recover Password but it's worth it!

These were all three Methods that you can use to Recover your Password from RAR File using RAR Password Unlocker.

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Download RAR Password Unlocker With Crack

You can Download RAR Password Unlocker with Crack from the Download Link given Below.


If you face any Problems Regarding the Software, Post a Comment.

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How I Can Download It?


Click the Download button in the post and get the file.


Hello, how will i know when it gets the password? Will show the password in "Log Window" tab or what? BTW thanks for the instruction of download.


Once the Unlocking process is done through RAR Password Unlocker, you will get a popup giving you the password. You can also copy it from there and paste it in the Password field to open the RAR file.


Awesome! Thanks!


Yes, it does work!
Why not give it a try.


i DOWNLOADED NEW STARWARS VII EP. rar and passw. dont have password . can this crac pass or not ? i dont know haw many pass has caracters becouse i didnt make pass


Yes, you can use it but it will take time depending on your Computer's Specs.