How To Earn Money Online Legally | PTC Method

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Hello Everyone!!

Today we are Posting "How To Earn Money Online Legally | PTC Method".


Many of us use Internet Daily but have you ever thought that you can use this Time to Earn Money by PTC Method?

PTC which is short for Paid To Click.
On the Internet there are many Websites that Pay you for Viewing Ads.
So today we are Posting a Tutorial on How you can Earn Money Online.

How It Works?

So, the Question arises How can one Earn Money by Viewing Ads?

The answer to the Question is - You make an Account on any PTC site and View Ads. The Owner of the Websites get Money from Advertisers that Advertise on that Site ( which you have to View ) and then Owner Pays you a Small Part of his Income from the Ads that you View.

That's How all the PTC Sites Work and by Using this, you can Earn a lot of Money but for that you Need Some Time. is a Website that I Personally use.
On Clixsense, you just have to View Ads and Get Paid. To Earn more from Clixsense, you can also Complete Surveys, Tasks, Follow the Referral Program and Play a Game, made by Clixsense, called ClixGrid.
In ClixGrid Game, you get 30 Chances and you have a 30x20 Grid. Click on any of the Box, if you are Lucky, you can win up to $10.

Clixsense is a Great Website with a Good Trust Ratings and a Good Option to Earn Money Online and the Best Part is they Pay via PayPal, Paytoo and Check ( International ).

Join Clixsense

Note : The above Link is a Referral Link. Please make Account only with the Link Given Above. This Helps us Going and Keep Posting Cool Things.

Once you have Signed Up for Clixsense, Fill Out the Form that you See.

Note : Fill the Form with Real Information because there you have to add you Payment Method and you Address.

Once you have Filled the Form Hit Continue and then you will be on the Dashboard of your Account. After that you will be able to Earn by Viewing Ads and Completing Tasks, Offers, Playing Games and Referring Others.

Have Fun Earning Money!!

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If you face any Problems Regarding the Money Making , Post a Comment.

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