How To View Locked Profile Picture on Facebook

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Hello Everyone!!

Today we are Going to Post "How To View Locked Profile Picture on Facebook".


Update : This Trick no longer works!

Some people Lock their Profile Picture so that no one can Misuse it or View it Except their Friends.

But, today we are Going to show you all How to View that Locked Profile Pcture.

How To Use?

This trick is Easy to Use and it can be Done by Anyone.
Just Follow the Steps Below and then you'll be able to View Someone's Locked Profile Picture.

1.)  Right Click on the Image and then Click on "Open Image in New Tab".
2.)  Now you will See the URL something Like this. ( Image Code Here ).jpg

3.)  Now Remove the Code that is Highlighted Below. ( Image Code Here ).jpg

4.)  Now your URL will look Something like this. ( Image Code Here ).jpg

5.)  Now click Enter and you will get the Image in its Original Size.

All Done!!
Now you can View any Locked Profile Picture on Facebook.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 3

If you face any Problems Regarding the Trick, Post a Comment.

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