[Tutorial] How To Get Lots of Friend Requests on Facebook 2014

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Hello Everyone!!

Today we are Posting How To Get Lots of Friend Requests on Facebook 2014!


Facebook is the Most Popular Social Networking Website now-a-days.
All the youth uses Facebook Regularly and many people have Thousands of Friends and many have less than that.
Many get Lots of Friend Requests but many get no Friend Requests.

But today we are Posting a Method by which you can get a Lots of Friend Requests.

On the Internet there are many Posts about this Topic but 90% of them are Fake but now we are Going to give you the Method to get lots of Friend Requests on Facebook!

How To Use?

To get Lots of Friend Requests, we need Lots of Email Addresses and with the Help of Email Addresses we can Invite Thousands of People on Facebook and from which 90% will Send you a Friend Request so they can Add you and Accept your Invite.

To get the List of Email Addresses, just Follow the Given Steps.

1.)  Go to Mass Add Email Service.
2.)  After you go to the Given Site, click on the Button that says "Login with Facebook".
3.)  Login with the Account on which you want lots of Friend Requests.
4.)  Click "Generate" button.
5.)  Scroll a bit and you will get the List of Email Addresses. Just copy all the Email Addresses.

Okay that was the Trick to get the List of Email Addresses but the next Step is the Most Important.

6.)  Now go to Facebook Invite Page.
7.)  Paste all the Email Addresses in the "To" Field and Leave the Message Box Empty and Click "Invite" Button.

All Done!!

Just wait for Some Time and you will Start Getting lots of Friend Requests.


Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


Screenshot 4


Screenshot 5


Screenshot 6


Screenshot 7


If you face any Problems Regarding the Trick, Post a Comment.

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