How To Run PS2 Games On PC or Laptop (PCSX2)

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Today I am Posting a Tutorial on How To Run PS2 Games On PC or Laptop (PCSX2).
PS2 games are very Popular nowadays because they have better Graphics and Gameplay but we all are not so lucky to have a PS2 Console that's why you are Reading this Tutorial! :D

Ok lets start with the Tutorial by following few Steps and get it Done as fast as we can because I know you can't wait more! :)

How To Run PS2 Games On PC or Laptop (PCSX2)

Ok to Emulate PS2 games there is an Emulator called PCSX2.

PCSX2 is a Software which basically Emulates the PS2 Games and make them run on PC at low graphics and if you have Graphic card then you can play games at High Quality too. You can Download PCSX2 Latest Version for Free from the Link below.

Ok, once you have Downloaded the Software, you have to Install it.

Just Follow the Steps!

Step 1: Installing the Software
Ok to Install it, Double Click the Setup file that you Downloaded.




Step 1: Running the Software for the First Time
Once you have Installed it on you PC or Laptop, you have to run it for the first time.

Go to "C:\Program Files\PCSX2 1.2.1" and Run "pcsx2-r5875.exe".

You will see this Screen. In the Dropdown, System Default (default) will be pre-selected. Just leave it as it is and Click Next.

After that you will find this Screen in which you have to select the Plugins. Just choose the Plugins as shown in the Image below.

GS : Gsdx 0 (MSVC 18.00, SSE2) 0.1.16 [gsdx32-sse2-r5875]
PAD : SSSPSX PAD Pressure Mod 1.7.1 [PadSSSPSX]
SPU2 : SPU2-X-r5830 2.0.0 [spu-x-r5875]
CDVD : cdvdGigaherz (oll) 0.9.0 [cdvdGigaherz]
USB : USBnull Driver r5822 0.7.0 [USBnull]
FW : FWnull Driver r5822 0.7.0 [FWnull]
DEV9 : DEV9null Driver r5822 0.5.0 [DEV9null]

After Selecting all the Plugins, click Next.


Ok, now you have to select BIOS. By default the list for you would be Empty. You can Download BIOS from the Link below.

Once you have Downloaded the BIOS Pack, Extract the File using Winrar or any other File Extracting Software (Don't have Winrar, Download it from here).

After Extraction is complete, copy all the Files to "C:\Users\[USER]\Documents\PCSX2\bios".

Now Click on Refresh list in the Emulator Window and then Select USA v02.20(10/02/2006) Console and click Finish.


After you click Finish, PCSX2 Emulator will Open up.

Now click CDVD > ISO Selector > Browse and select the game ISO.

Once ISO is selected go to the Next Step!


NOTE : Before running the game you have to set the Controls for you Joystick. For that, go to Config > Controller PAD > Plugin Settings  and then set the Controls of your Joystick. If you don't have Joystick then you have to change the Plugin to LilyPad by going to Config > Plugins/BIOS Selector and then select LilyPad.

Ok once you have set up the controls, click System > Boot CDVD (Fast) and your game will start!



That was it!
This was a very Short and Simple :P Tutorial to Run PS2 Games On PC or Laptop.

What next? Read : PCSX2 Best Settings for Good Quality and Higher FPS

If you have any Doubts, feel free to ask in the Comment Section.

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i am getting only the audio no video why????


That's because of the Graphics. May be you don't have Graphic Drivers installed on your system or you have low end PC.
You can fix it. Just read PCSX2 Best Settings for Good Quality and Higher FPS and change all the settings as it is shown.
If you face any other problem then feel free to comment.