How to Fix DLL Errors in Windows | DLL File Fixer

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Hello Everyone!!

Today we are posting How to Fix DLL Errors in Windows using DLL File Fixer.


Many of us use one or the other kind of Application in Windows but some files don't open and shows an Error "[something].dll file is missing". To Fix that error we have DLL File Fixer.

Search for the DLL File and install it on your PC or Laptop directly with DLL File Fixer.

DLL File Fixer is an easy to use, simple and powerful utility to fix the common problems with your DLL files and also come with Registry Cleaner to fix DLL registry error. It will automatically resolve DLL errors by accessing online DLL file library and automatically downloads and install missing files.

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How To Install DLL File Fixer?

  1. Download the Software from this Link. (Get Trial Version and then Download Keygen from the Link below.)
  2. Install DLL File Fixer on your Computer.
  3. Close the program from the Taskbar or use Task Manager.
  4. Download Keygen from the Link below and extract it using Winrar or any other File Extracting Software. (Don't have Winrar, Download it from here)
  5. Register with key from keygen (Need Internet).
  6. Enjoy the full Version of the Software.

How To Use DLL File Fixer?

Once you have Installed DLL File Fixer on your Computer and cracked it using the Keygen, follow the Steps given below and to learn How to Use DLL File Fixer.

1.) Open DLL File Fixer and then click "Start Scanning Now" button to start the Scan Process.


2.) Once the Scan is completed, click the "Fix Errors" button and it will automatically Create a Backup Point and then Fix all the Errors automatically.


3.) If you have any DLL File missing from your Computer then just click the "Install DLL Filesand then in the Search box enter the name of the DLL File and click "Search" button and it will show you the Results. Once you have found the File you were searching for, click the file.


The time you click the file, it will automatically be Downloaded and will be installed on your System.



How to Crack DLL File Fixer?

To crack the software, just open the Keygen and it will create a Key for you. Just copy the Key and then click the "Register Now" button and Paste the Key. Once you do that, your DLL File Fixer will get Full Version and then you will be able to Fix all your Registry and DLL Errors.


Download DLL File Fixer 

You can Download DLL File Fixer Trial from the Official Link by Clicking here.

And Download The Keygen form the Download button given below.

To Download the Game, Click the Download button and then wait for 5 Seconds and then click "Skip Ad" button and your Download will start automatically.


If you face any Problems regarding the Crack or DLL File Fixer, Feel Free to Comment.

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