mCent Free Recharge Trick - Rs. 75 Per Referral

Hello Everyone!
Today I am sharing a very amazing Unlimited mCent Free Recharge Trick which you can use to get Unlimited Recharge from mCent.
So, below I will discuss what is mCent for those who don't know about it. And after that there will be a Step by Step guide to let you get Unlimited Recharge from mCent using this mCent Free Recharge Trick.

Update : mCent has changed the Referral Bonus to Rs. 75 again as per 29th June 2015. Start Looting mCent as soon as possible because they can change this bonus at any time.

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What is mCent?

mCent is an App for Android which gives you Airtime ( Recharge ) for just Trying out new Apps. All you have to do is Download new Apps and install them, then wait for some time and open mCent to get your Credits. Once you get your Credits, you can use them to recharge your phone.

Now the Trick I am posting is based on Referrals. It means you share your Download Link with your Friends and when they Install mCent using your Link and try out an App, you will earn some recharge.

What is Unlimited mCent Free Recharge Trick?

Unlimited mCent Free Recharge Trick is very Simple. All you have to do is Share your Link with others and ask them to Download and Try out an App.

This trick is based on Referral Program of mCent. mCent is paying Rs.75 per Referral who Sign up and Tries out an App. So make one referral and Earn Rs. 75 and this mCent Free Recharge Trick is based on the Referral Program.

Below is the very small List of programs that you will require to use this Trick.

Requirements for Unlimited mCent Free Recharge Trick

You must be thinking what things are needed to get Unlimited Recharge from mCent using the mCent Free Recharge Trick and here is the List of the Programs and Things that you will need throughout this Tutorial.

  • An Android Phone/Bluestacks.
  • Internet Connection.
  • A lot of Mobile Numbers.

This is it. To get Unlimited Recharge you will need only these three things but the Main Problem is where to get a lot of Mobile Numbers. Its simple. Use all the Mobile Numbers that are available in your home or create Accounts using your Relatives' Numbers and ask them to give you the OTP or ask your Friends to Sign up for mCent using your referral Code. That's it. You now know how to get a lot of Mobile Numbers.

Unlimited mCent Free Recharge Trick

Okay, so now I will start the Step by Step guide which will let you get Unlimited Rechrge from mCent and I will also share Screenshots of my Account in the App and the Browser both so that you can see that it is not fake.

  • First of all Download Bluestacks if you don't have an Android Phone.
  • Now Open Bluestacks and then open the Deafualt Browser.
  • Copy the Link given Below and Paste it in the Browser of Bluestacks.

Note: Only use the Link above otherwise this trick will not work.

  • Once you have copied the Link above and Pasted it in the Bluestacks Browser, Play Store will automatically Open Up.
  • Click the Install Button on the Play Store and wait for some time.
  • Once the App, i.e., mCent gets Download, Open it.
  • Now to Activate your Account, you have to Try out an App. Its very Simple. Just click the button that says 'Try Out this App' and then Download that App. Once it is Downloaded, Open the App and use it for some time. Then return to mCent without closing the new App. After completing this you will get some money in your Account because you Downloaded the App and used it and also your Account will get Activated.
  • Once you Account is Activated, click on the Small Icon at the Top Right Corner with an Arrow in it. You will see your referral code there.
  • Copy your referral Code and then Uninstall the mCent App from Bluestacks.
  • Open Browser in Bluestacks and then Paste you referral Code in it and Install mCent again.
  • Register a new Account using a Different Number (which you can get from your family or Friends).
  • Now in the new Account try out an App to activate it. Once it is Done, you will get the Referral bonus in your Main Account that you created the first.
  • Once it is done, Uninstall Bluestacks and remove the App Data when asked. Now Reinstall Bluestacks and Repeat the above steps with Different Numbers.
All done. Repeat these Steps above using different-different numbers and get Unlimited Recharge using this simple mCent Free Recharge Trick. You can make Unlimited Referrals and Earn Unlimited Recharge from mCent.

Download mCent for the First Time from the Link below in your Phone/Bluestacks to get Unlimited recharge and Support us.

That was it. This was the trick to get Unlimited Recharge from mCent. If you liked the Post then Don't forget to help us by Downloading mCent from our Referral Link and Sharing this Post.

Below are the Screenshots of my Account for Proof that this Trick really works and you can get Unlimited Recharge.

Screenshots for Proof

Screenshot 1


Screenshot 2


Screenshot 3


Below is a Short Video showing you my Talktime after I successfully make a lot of referrals and recharge my Phone. This video is also for Proof that this Trick really works. I recorded this video after Recharging my Home Phone. The quality isn't that good but you can see the Amount clearly.

If you face any problem regarding this mCent Free Recharge Trick then feel free to comment and also Share it as much as you can so that your friends can also loot mCent and have Unlimited Recharges from mCent.

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Thanks For It.
But When I Click on ANY OFFER, It is saying that 'you are not eligible for this offer'.
Please Tell me What is the Problem.
Thanks in Advance.


Hi Ayush,
The problem is that your account is new and you will not be eligible for Offers in which you only have to download and run the apps. Meanwhile to make your account old, you have to complete some offers in which you have to keep the app for some days or you have to use some amount of Data Usage, etc.
If you face any problem then feel free to comment again.
Thanks for visiting.