How to Create Silent Installer with Winrar

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Hello Everyone!
Today I am posting a tutorial on How to Create Silent Installer with Winrar.

You must have heard about Silent Installers. If not then let me tell you about it.

What is a Silent Installer?

Silent Installers are a type of exe files which do all the processing in the background and you don't get any popup.

The best example for it is Download and install the Offline Installer for Chrome and see that you will not get any popup to accept or click Next.

This is the Silent Installer and in this tutorial I will tell you How to make your own Silent Installer and I will be using Winrar for this tutorial.

There are lots of softwares available on the Internet to make Silent Installers but I use Winrar because it is easy to use and almost everyone has Winrar installed it in their systems so they don't have to especially download some software.

Okay lets start the tutorial.

Before starting, if you don't have Winrar, you can download it from here.

How to make Silent Installer using Winrar?

Okay first of all find the file whose Silent Installer you have to make.
In this tutorial, I will use a folder having BitTorrent in it.

Okay, now create a rar archive for that file.

Once the archive is made, open it and click SFX in th toolbars section as shown in the image below.

After that a new window will open. Clck the Advaced SFX Options button and then go to Modes tab and click "Hide All"as shown in the image below.

Now click OK.
Thats all! You now have created your own Silent Installer with Winrar.

Once you click OK, you will get an exe file which will extract the file that you compressed initially without showing any other new window. All the process of extracting will be done in background.

This was the Whole tutorial. Share it if you like it because Sharing is Sexy!

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