How To Use Pen Drive/USB Disk as Ram in Windows

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Hello Everyone!!

Today we are Posting "How to Use Pen Drive/USB Disk as Ram in Windows".


Yes, you can do that and this will help you in Increasing your Virtual Ram.

Virtual Ram is just like Normal Ram and is acts like the Normal Ram.

By using this Method you can play Games that require more Ram than your System has or you can use this Method to Run some Heavy ( Large in Size ) Softwares like Visual Studio, Adobe Flash, Lightbox, etc.

How to Use?

To use this Method, just Follow the Simple Steps given Below.

1.)  Connect your Pen Drive/USB Disk.
2.)  Right Click the Pen Drive/USB Disk and then Click on Properties.
3.)  In the Properties, click the "ReadyBoost" Tab.
4.)  Now click "Dedicate this Device to ReadyBoost".
5.)  Click "OK" and then wait for the Process to be Completed.

All Done!!

You just have Increased your Ram by adding Virtual Ram to it.

Now Play Games, use Heavy ( Large Size ) Softwares, etc.


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 4

If you face any Problems Regarding ReadyBoost, Post a Comment.

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