How To Download Torrent Files Using Internet Download Manager

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Hello Everyone!!

Today we are Posting "How To Download Torrent Files Using Internet Download Manager".


Many of us Download Files Using Torrents because Files Downloaded using Torrents are 100% Real and Virus Free but Torrents also have a Big Drawback that it Works on Seeds and Peers.

If you are Getting 1 mbps Download Speed then your Transfer Rate should be about 100-125 kbps but in Torrenting if you are Downloading some Files and the Torrent has less Seeds then you will get about 90-100 kbps of Transfer Rate.

To Overcome this Drawback there are Some Websites which Offer you to Upload your Torrents and then they Download the Files on their Servers and then you can Download that File Using Internet Download Manager ( IDM ). ( Don't have IDM click Here )

These Websites have some Restrictions Too.
If you don't have an Account on their Website then you can only Download a Limited Size of File and you cannot Pause the Download and you can Use only One Torrent at a Time.

To get Unlimited Space for Unlimited Torrents and Resume Capability, you have to Buy the Premium Services from the Website.

That was How you can Download Torrent Files using Internet Download Manager ( IDM ).

Some Websites

Here is a Short List of Some Websites that Offer the Service for Downloading Torrent Files using Internet Download Manager ( IDM ).


If you face any Problems Regarding the Trick, Post a Comment.

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