How To Get Likes On Facebook Page | 3 Strategies

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Hello Everyone!!

Today we are Posting "How To Get Likes on Facebook Page".


On Demands of Our Users, we are Posting some Strategies which can be Used to get lots of Likes on your Facebook Page.

Well, Most of us have at least one Facebook Page and we all want a lots of Likes on that Page but Getting Likes on Facebook Page is very Difficult as it only Depends on the Users. If your Users don't have Interest in your Page then they will not Like it.

So, the Question is How to Get Likes on Facebook Page.

You will Find Some Strategies for getting Likes on you Facebook Page from Below.

Strategy 1

The First Strategy is a Bit Time Consuming but its the Best way to get a lots of Likes and all the Likes will be Genuine.

So, the Strategy is to make 2-3 Fake Facebook Accounts with Different Names and Countries ( As This is a fake Account ).
I Recommend making the Fake Accounts as Female as this will get you More Likes but it Totally Depends on you.

Now, once you have your Accounts Created, Send Peoples Friend Requests to get More and More Friends.

Ok, the main thing is Facebook Bans you for Sending lots of Friend Request at a Time. So, to get a Lots of Friends in your Account Read - How To Get Lots of Friend Requests on Facebook.

Now, you have the Trick to get Lots of Friends.
Once you have about 1000-5000 Friends, Start Inviting all our Friends to your Facebook Page and Send them Message too to Like you Page.

That was the Strategy 1 to get Likes on your Facebook Page.

This Strategy is the Best Strategy among all the Tricks because using this Strategy, you will get Genuine and Organic Likes because Others will only Like you Facebook Page if they are Interested in it.

In Simple Words, you are making Others to Notice your Page and if the find it Interesting, the will Surely Like it.

Strategy 2

Strategy 2 is a Good Trick to get Likes on your Facebook Page but it is not as Effective as the First One.

So, whats the Strategy 2?

Here it is.

The Second Strategy is to Join a Lots of Groups which are Related to your Page.
Ex - If you have a Page Related to Cakes then Join as much Groups as Possible which are Related to Cakes and whenever Someone Posts Something in the Group, Make a Comment as Shown Below which will Advertise your Page.

"Like this Page for Awesome Images of Cakes [[Your Page Link]]".

Similarly, Like lots of Facebook Pages Related to your Page and then in the Comments Section, Post your Comment Advertising you Page.

That was the Strategy 2.
This Strategy is also Good for Getting Genuine and Organic Likes on you Facebook Page.

Strategy 3

The third Strategy is the Most Efficient Strategy but the Likes Obtained by This Strategy are not Organic.

The Third Strategy is Using

AddMeFast is a Social Exchange Website which enables you to Add your Facebook Page on their Website and then Other Users will Like your Page if you Like Others Pages.

I don't Recommend this Strategy much because the Likes Obtained by this Trick are not Organic.
The Users will not Respond to your Posts, Like your Posts, etc.
They will be There only for Showcase.

Well that was the Third Strategy and this was all I was able to Share with you.

If you have your Own Strategies, Post them in Comments to Share it With Others.

If you face any Problems Regarding the Strategies, Post a Comment.

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