How to Make a Blog and Customize It

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Today we are Posting "How to Make a Blog and Customize It".


Most of Us Manage Blogs and Blogs are very Useful if you know How to Use them.

So, today we are Posting a very Simple Tutorial on making Blogs and Customizing it.

This Tutorial only contains the basics but we will be Posting more about Blogging so you can all check them all One by One.

So, Let's get Started!!

First of all you need to Login to with your Google Acount.( Don't have Google Account, Create One for Free Here ).

Once you have Logged in to your Blogger, you will see something like this.

Screenshot 1

Now, click on New Blog button shown in the above Picture.

Once you click it, you will see something like this.

Screenshot 2

Just fill the Title with your Blog Title and URL with your blog URL.

Once you have Filled Everything, click Create Blog! button.

Now it should Look like This.

Screenshot 3

Once you have clicked on your Blog, you will see something like this.

Screenshot 4

This is your Dashboard.
You can Control your whole Blog from here.

Now, i you want to Post, click on Post and then Click on Create a New post.

You can also go through the Settings of your Blog.

Now, Time to Start Customizing your Blog.

Click on Template and then Click on Customize.
You will see Something like this.

Screenshot 5

Now click on Advanced.
You will see many Options like Page Text, Backgrounds, Links, Blog Title, Blog Description, etc.

Just go through them and Tweak all the Settings.
You can Customize your Blog as you want like changing the Font, Changing the Background, Change the Size of the Text, etc.

That's it for Today's Tutorial but Soon we will Post some more Tutorials about Blogging which will be Advanced like Editing HTML, Using your Own Custom Fonts, etc.

Keep Visiting for more about Blogging!

If you face any Problems Regarding the Blogging, Post a Comment.

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Please post more about blogging


Hello Suryanshu,
I will try to post more about blogging. Currently I am working on a new project so I am not getting sufficient time for posting here. But I will be done with my work soon and then you will surely get everything about blogging.
Keep Visiting for new updates.